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Eat well, live happy.

Farm-Fresh Foods by Kinfork

A Central PA Farmer Co-Op bringing you 100% grassfed beef, robust produce, and dairy products.

Know Your Food Source

At Kinfork, we are passionate about connecting people back to the circle of life. All Kinfork foods are raised in Pennsylvania on soil-friendly family farms.

We are a farmer-owned co-operative of Amish family farms in Central PA. Let us supply your table with the essential farm-fresh fare: pasture raised meat and cheese. Choose Kinfork and experience rich difference of a simple life.

Our Practices


A careful balance of plants, animals, and humans on the land.


A variety of crops, animals, land use, and skill sets. Our animals support our farms’ ecosystems.


Fertility is maintained through the endless cycling of our farms’ resources.


A heritage of feeding our communities by cooperating with each other and the land.

Our Products

We Keep it Simple


A. Contact us to submit your order.
Fill out the order form or give us a call.

B. Collaborate with us to receive your order.
Pick up, delivery–your choice.

C. Enjoy your customers’ smiles.
Enable them to eat well and live happy!


A. Place your order.
Call us or fill out and order form.

B. Receive food shipped to your door.
We make it easy for you to eat farm-fresh.

C. Enjoy the bounty
Farm-fresh foods bursting with flavor.

The Kinfork Connection

Our farming community has a centuries-long heritage of loving and working the land. We respect the land by using horse-drawn equipment and by employing regenerative farming methods. Connect with Kinfork and experience the rich difference of a simple life. 

Eat well, live happy.