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We are a farmer-owned co-op

We believe in the power of food to bring health and people together. As you connect with us, we hope that the relationship you experience is as rich as the soil in which our food grows.

Where are the Farms?

The co-operative is comprised of over 45 farmer member-owners spread throughout the valleys east of State College, PA: Penn's Valley, Brush Valley, Sugar Valley, Nittany Valley, and Bald Eagle Valley.
Below is a map showing the geographical layout of our family farms.

About Our Co-Op

Kinfork is a brand launched by a cooperative of small Amish family farms spread throughout the valleys east of State College, PA. Our Plain community culture helps to make Kinfork unique. A strong work ethic and traditional community values sustain our simple way of life. Environmental stewardship, responsible animal husbandry, and great-tasting healthy food are our guiding principles.

Governance of the co-operative is by committee and board, all staffed by 20 farmer member-owners. We have an Advisory Board, Executive Board, and four Committees: Beef, Dairy Processing, Fluid Milk and Produce. 

Our Mission

At the heart of Kinfork is a dual desire to sustain viable family farming and to share the abundance of nutritious food produced on our farms. Eat well, live happy.

We are pround members of PA Preferred