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Whole Milk Cheese
from Small Herd Dairies

Make your cheese intake count with nutrient-dense, cream-of-the-crop quality. Deli cheese, snack cheese, charcuterie cheese. Whether an 8 oz. block or a 5-lb. block of cheese–you know your family’s cravings.


The Story of Kinfork Cheese

With small herds of 40-50 cows per farm, families get to know their cows, sometimes naming each one. Raised on pasture, the cows eat a balanced feed mixture of rolled grain and fermented forage. Crafted from their rich milk, our cheddar cheese will satisfy your appetite.

A Taste of Heritage
from Central PA’s Family Farms

Traditional Cheddars

Simple, old-time recipes. Kinfork cheese is made solely from whole milk, enzymes, cheese cultures, and salt. It’s aged with care for an excellent flavor. Try our fantastic Cheddar and Sharp Cheddar cheese in slices or blocks: from an 8 oz. to a 40lb block of cheese.

Spice-rubbed Cheddars

Our flagship Cheddar cheese is rolled in one of several spice blends to expand the flavor possibilities. Currently available: Garlic & Parsley, Onion & Dill, Four Pepper, and Maritime Spice. We continue to R&D new spice blends, so stay tuned!

Our Dairy Farm Practices


Out of the barn, grazing fresh forage, enjoying exercise in the sunlight and shade.


Cared for as a member of the farm family – from a baby calf to a mama cow producing wholesome milk.


More than just horsepower and family, our horses play an integral role in our fossil-free farming.

farming methods

Management-intensive grazing and rotational cropping practices that support total farm health.

The Kinfork Connection

Do you ever feel wistful for the days when most folks drank milk from their family cow? With Kinfork, find a connection back to those days with traditional cheeses from small-herd Amish family farms. Our regenerative farming methods reflect our generations-long heritage of loving and working the land. 

Connect with Kinfork and experience the rich difference of a simple life.

Eat well, live happy.