Always Grassfed BeefFreezer beef for sale in primal or retail cuts. Locker beef choices are grassfed | grain-finished or grassfed | grass-finished beef.

Raised on small, diversified family farms in Central PA, all of our cattle experience their entire life as cattle should—on pasture.

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The Story of Kinfork Beef

Because of the temperate climate, Pennsylvania’s central valleys (much like the Pacific Northwest) provide ideal conditions for growing nutritious grasses. Free to roam the rolling hillsides, our cattle enjoy this succulent grazing year-round.

Freezer beef for sale

Stocking up for winter or prepping for a barbecue? We’ve got plenty of locker beef (wholes, halves, and quarters) and freezer beef for sale. Choose from a diversity of cuts and finishes for palate-pampering dishes.

Our Cattle are pastured for Life

Grassfed | Grain-Finished Beef

A blend of grass and grain produces a vivid marbling effect in the beef. Even while being finished with grain, our cattle continue to live on pasture. This brings about a unique fusion of fantastic marbling and earthy flavor.

Grassfed | Grass-Finished Beef

Grass from start to finish. Typically, a leaner, less greasy meat, grass-fed/grass-finished beef works great for chefs who are passionate about amplifying the vibrant flavors of the earth.

Our Beef Practices


Storing carbon with every bite. Building soil through planned, holistic grazing.

Antibiotic &

Living natural and healthy lives on pasture.


The freedom to roam in large, tasty pastures. Cared for as part of the farm family.

Simple &

No machinery necessary with cattle to harvest the grass.

The Kinfork Connection

Unique to our times is the rare connection between the meat we eat and where it’s raised. When you buy with Kinfork, you receive the benefit of knowing where your meat comes from. Kinfork is committed to traditional, regenerative farming practices that protect the land and the animal. Know your meat’s source. Experience the Kinfork Connection.

Eat well, live happy!

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