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Pennsylvania Farm Fresh Produce

Wholesale produce was how we got started.

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The Story of Kinfork Produce

The story of Kinfork’s produce is rooted in a heritage of close ties to the land. The Amish farmers of Kinfork carry on the tradition of using horse-drawn equipment to work the land. We strive to balance soil fertility by cycling nutrients throughout our farm. These practices cultivate vivid flavors in our nutrient-dense produce.

Farm Fresh Produce from Central Pa

The Foundation of our Farm Co-Op

Family farmers selling wholesale produce spearheaded this cooperative. Their success in exporting farm fresh produce from the valleys inspired beef and dairy farmers to join the venture.


By using draft animals for cultivation, we minimize our carbon footprint and eliminate soil compaction. The hooves of the horses working the earth invigorate the soil ecosystem.

Our Produce Practices


A careful balance of plants, animals, and humans on the land.


A variety of crops, animals, land use, and skill sets. Our animals support our farms’ ecosystems.

Small Acreage

Uniting people and land through hand labor, sensibility and consideration.


Maintaining fertility through the endless cycling of our farms’ resources.

The Kinfork Connection

Buy fresh produce from Kinfork and wow your customers with a farm-fresh selection. Cauliflower, onions, butternut squash, watermelon, and more–our harvest is your harvest. Our centuries-long heritage of loving and working the land informs our environmental approach. Experience the rich difference of a simple life.

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