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September 2023

September 2023 Newsletter

Greetings to all supporters. My family grows an array of vegetables for the co-operative – onions, cauliflower, cabbage, watermelons, and butternut squash. We are finished with the onion harvest and are pleased with the crop. Hopefully the other crops will continue to thrive.

As some of you may know, this monthly newsletter is written by a different member of the co-operative’s governance each month. There are 20 of us total, all volunteer positions. I serve as a member of the Produce Committee. While I was sharing with my family it is my duty to write this month’s newsletter, my 12-year-old son excitedly volunteered to write a newsletter himself. Enjoy!

Our Goat’s Kids
We have some goats. Sometimes they have baby kids. The number of kids per goat varies from one to four. But they are always very cute. The children love to play with them. We give them milk with a bottle until they are big enough to suck out of milk-bars.

And the kids love milk. While we are milking the nanny goats, the goat kids try to jump up on our laps and start sucking on the nannies. Or sometimes they try to jump into the milk pail and start drinking milk. If they can get the milk, they will almost bury their head in it because they can’t seem to drink it fast enough.

Sometimes we give them rides in the wagon and then they jump over the two-foot racks to get out. The little children like to carry them around and play with them. They run after us and look around curiously. When we catch them to put them in their pen, they lick their lips as if they are a little disgusted. When we stick our finger out at the them, they try bite as hard as they can. Or sometimes they try to suck on our finger.

When they are sucking milk out of the milk bars, they wag their tails very, very fast. Sometimes they reach over each other to suck at the milk bars because they don’t feel like going around. They want their milk now!

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