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October 2022

October 2022 Newsletter

One of the many things we farmers in the co-operative agree upon is Fall is the best time of year to milk cows. The weather is cool, the pasture is lush, and the cows are enjoying a comfortable life. Much joy is found at the end of the growing season while we are pressure washing, performing equipment maintenance before winter storage, and organizing all areas of the farm.

It is a feeling of a fresh start, bringing us courage to spend more time in the milking barn. When we pause to look across the fields at the new cover crops starting to grow, our minds naturally reflect on the year’s successes. The effort of every farmer helps embolden the co-operative to persist in its mission to deliver the best quality products to our community.

Fall is much like a Second Spring in September and early October. We are feeling well supplied with the forage stockpiled in the pastures and the hay we were able to bale. It has been a perfect Fall, the best in memory.

At this time of year, it is true recreation to rotate the cattle to fresh pasture in the evening as they graze up against the colorful mountain. We are provided views that keep us motivated and humbled, and moments to enjoy being with our families. It is satisfying to see the young calves thriving alongside healthy mama cows stuffed on fresh grass.

While we worked to process the bounty of cabbage at the packing house this past week, we also pulled the final squash out the fields – a major mile marker in our fall harvest. We take a big exhale as those final trailers of squash are hauled down Brush Valley Road and into the packing house.

As we begin to turn our minds towards planning next year, a wave of excitement washes over us. All of us farmers in the co-operative are thankful we live in central Pennsylvania and are able to offer quality products.