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November 2023

November 2023 Newsletter

Pond at the edge of farm woodlands
As harvest season is in full swing, we, as owners of a small family farm, are thrilled to pass on our blessings to our customers. Alongside our dedication to hard work, we carry the legacy and wisdom inherited from our forefathers. This is the root of the rich difference you will find in our food.

It all starts with two realities we cannot change: our climate and land. We are fortunate to have mountain streams flowing with pure spring water, allowing us to irrigate our fields, hydrate our animals and nurture our crops. This ensures that our customers receive nutrient-rich products that reflect the blessings of our land.

Provided sun shine and fresh spring water, the fertile soil of these old mountain valleys produces an abundance. From the wholesome vegetables and grains to the hay and rich pasture grasses, nourishment is everywhere. Our animals have the freedom to bask in the sunshine or find comfort under the shade of a tree, always enjoying the fresh air. They too, experience the rich difference of a simple life.

All of the meat and cheese we offer for sale comes from healthy animals that we care for and even give names. Many of them also respond to their own names. Our daily interactions with each and every individual animal create a close bond between us. This relationship helps us keep our animals enjoying life and to recognize when they may not be feeling their best.

Comfortable, well cared for animals will produce a higher quality beef and cheese. In many ways, it is similar to us humans: less stressed, well-fed, happier people are generally more productive, healthier and live longer.

It is our life long mission to grow our relationship with the land and animals, and now we seek to build stronger relationships with our customers. Give us a call, visit our store, or write us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Our retail shop is open M-F 8am-3pm
4657 Brush Valley Rd Madisonburg, PA 16852

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