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July 2023

July 2023 Newsletter

Vegetable rows
Greetings to all from Kinfork, here in the mountains and valleys of central Pennsylvania.

In our brand messaging, we often say ‘Experience the rich difference of a simple life’. You may wonder, how does this reflect our values?

Living on the small family farm we strive to keep it simple. The farms in our cooperative vary in size from about 50 to 120 acres. Dairy herd sizes average about 50 cows, 30 heifers, 15 calves, 8 draft horses for field work, and 4 driving horses for local transportation. Our average beef herd size is about 15 cows, 8 heifers, and 8 bulls.

Most families wake up around 4:00AM. There is work for everyone. The animals need fed, the milking equipment needs washed, and the barns need cleaned. The day always tends to go better if everything is in clean, working order. Even the older preschoolers jump out of bed and run to the barn to check the newborn calf or the baby kittens. They love preparing a bottle of warm milk and feeding each young calf.

Calf being fed from a bottle
After chores, everyone heads for the kitchen, where before even opening the door you can smell the good-old home-style country breakfast which is ready to be served.

During the nice days in Spring, Summer, and Fall months, us farmers can be seen working in our fields. Rainy days are filled with record keeping and equipment maintenance.

By 4:00PM it is time for the second milking and cleaning up from the day, before we all gather for a little family time and a nice meal. Everyone is thankful for a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed to rest up and be ready for another exciting, busy, yet simple day on the farm.

A breakfast table ready to eat
A glass of fresh milk from our dairy cows with breakfast….yes please!

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